Dry cleaning

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Dry cleaning uses similar technology as a front loader washing machine. The difference is the solvent. Dry cleaning machines use various liquid chemicals, not water. These chemicals are much gentler to certain textiles.

  • Dry cleaning does not cause shrinkage.  Washing clothes at home in water will shrink some fabrics up to several sizes.
  • Dry cleaners have pressing equipment. Wrinkles are pressed out, and the garment is reshaped to its original shape.
  • Clothing is pre-spotted for stains non-removable at home prior dry cleaning.

We have cleaned many pieces of clothing in the nearly 100 years in business.   

 We can remove wrinkles from most textiles.  

         We have the tools (and patience) to remove lint from dark clothes.


We are proficient in identifying fibers, weaves, sizings and dyes.
We can remove stains like paint, ink, grease, blood, vine…

We have the cleaning equipment.

We can remove wrinkles from most textiles.
Lint removal
We have the tools to remove lint from dark clothes
We protect your clothes.