Processing a wedding gown

Welcome to Service cleaners. Let me give you a tour of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Service Cleaners was established during the Great Depression of 1929. Since then we cleaned and preserved thousands of wedding gowns. The preservation method was first done with paper, then aluminum foil and then plastic. Today we use a special type of acid free tissue paper and acid free storage keepsake box. The materials changed, but the workmanship remains. The know how has been handed down from generation to generation. I started working for my father in 1969. Experience can not be Googled or purchased.  I know how to clean and preserve a wedding gown. Service Cleaners is certified dry cleaners. As members of the IFI (International Fabricare Institute), the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business), the BBB (Better Business Bereau and the OCA (Ohio Cleaners Association) we were recognized as one of the finest dry cleaners.

The cost of processing any given gown depends on the gown itself, its condition, and the accessories. Some gowns are not as involved as others. For example: The length of the train, what kind of material, the number of layers, the sequences at the top and/or the bottom of the dress…. Some gowns are in good condition, others come to us trashed. Badly soiled dresses require a great deal of work to restore them to their original condition, and are subject to extra charge. It is not possible to give an accurate price over the phone, but I will give you a final price after I inspect the gown and before I start work. Our price range is from $79 to $256 for cleaning plus (if you so desire) preservation $50.

Call me and I will gladly answer any questions you may have. My telephone number is 1-216-671-4460. Ask for Otto

If you are mailing your gown in:

How to send you gown.

Package your gown  (wail, gloves, garter belt…) and anything else you want inside the keepsake box. Also include (inside the package) your name, address, and telephone number.


Ship to: Service Cleaners, Inc.

              3385 West 105th street

              Cleveland, Ohio


I would recommend insuring the package.

You pay for the shipping to us.

We pay for the shipping back to you.

We will call you with price prior to cleaning.


It is very important that your gown is exceptionally clean before preservation. Any stains left on the gown will impair the preservation. Certain spots or stains may not be perceptible when fresh. Time will make them visible, and from some materials impossible to remove. Regular dry cleaner, or anyone else for that mater, can not see these spots and therefore can not remove them. Furthermore, regular dry cleaning is ineffective against some of these spots. They must be removed before the gown is dry cleaned. We have a way to do this. By immersing the gown in a special solvent, and flushing out these spots before it is dry cleaned, we can remove even the invisible ones. After this procedure, the gown goes onto the spotting board. Here all the remaining spots (such as make-up, dye, vine, tar, oil, grass stains etc.) are removed. Then comes the cleaning and pressing. Our pressers have been trained to pay special attention to details. Every layer and every fold is meticulously finished.

Before the preservation process can begin, the gown has to be “cured”. This means that all the double seams and padding which could carry excess moisture must be allowed to carry the same low relative humidity as the rest of the fabric. Then the gown is layered with acid free paper and inserted into a decorative box equipped with a viewing window and a convenient handle. Our preservation technique is the best.

On your 50th anniversary you may be able to see your daughter or granddaughter were your wedding gown, and experience once again YOUR wedding day.


Wedding gown is not just a dress. It is a memory you will treasure and share with generations to come. It is a memory of a lifetime. Letting your gown sit in the closet until it yellows and disintegrates is not a sensible choice. I have seen many neglected, deteriorated gowns over the years. Restoration of a gown is more expensive and not always 100% successful. So be smart and protect your investment and memories.